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Rocket launch Privilege Savings Club with Sit-up Channels

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

The Rocket Marketing Group have created a brand new bespoke membership programme exclusively for sit-up channels – The Privilege Savings Club.

privilegecover1 rewardscover

The club has been fully branded in line with the look and feel of sit-up’s home shopping channels, and has been designed specifically for their viewers.


Looking for loyalty? Just ask.

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Companies have always looked to instil loyalty in their customers. It’s an invaluable way of increasing customer retention, generating incremental revenue and growing a business.

Loyalty can be encouraged through a variety of methods, including e-marketing, offering consumer rewards and demonstrating excellent customer service. But perhaps the most effective way of forging a lasting relationship with your customers is by asking for, and acting on, their feedback.

With this in mind, The Rocket Marketing Group present their 5 Top Tips for generating and utilising customer feedback. (more…)

The dos and don’ts of email marketing

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Email marketing has become one of the primary methods of communication for companies looking to generate incremental revenue from new and existing customers.

The strengths of email as a marketing tool lie in its ubiquity, speed and economy, and when used correctly it can be an invaluable tool to generate revenue, drive customer retention and encourage repeat business.

However, with so many companies trying to capture the public’s attention, the competition for click-throughs is fierce, and there are important considerations to keep in mind when starting an email marketing campaign.

With this in mind, The Rocket Marketing Group present a guide to the dos and don’ts of email marketing.


New marketing avenues generate big increase in online revenue

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

With VAT set to rise to 20% in 2011, the retail sector will welcome the news that online sales jumped by 22% in May, compared to 2009 levels.

The online market has become a key sector for businesses, in part due to the financial limitations imposed by the recession. Companies have found marketing and selling their products online to be a very cost effective way of generating revenue and attracting customers, with the latest figures showing that shoppers spent £4.5bn online during May alone.

The research, conducted by the International Media Retail Group (IMRG) found that companies who utilised a range of sales channels had the most success. For example, retailers with both physical stores and online facilities saw year-on-year sales rise by 28%, compared with a rise of just 1% for online-only retailers. (more…)

The own goals of World Cup marketing

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Brands have been queuing up to align themselves to the World Cup, as spending on marketing campaigns looks set to top over £1bn by the end of the tournament.

But is this money well spent? While promotional tie-ins have long since provided a golden opportunity for advertisers to tap into the public’s interest, it seems companies are ignoring basic marketing principles in their haste to capitalise on the tournament.

With this in mind, The Rocket Marketing Group present three examples of common ‘Own Goals’ to avoid when promoting your product during the World Cup. (more…)

Give your customers/ staff a break and make the Christmas chores enjoyable

Friday, November 27th, 2009

At this time of year there is only one thing that people are thinking about – all the chores they have to do for Christmas. As a business or employer understanding the pressures of the people who work for you or buy your goods/ services can help you reward these people with a staff or consumer incentive. Christmas doesn’t have to be stressful for anyone really, whether they stay at home or travel away from it all there’s always an opportunity to enjoy those tasks that are written off as chores. Looking forward to a break makes Christmas more exciting and gets everyone into the spirit of the season, and happy staff/ customers are more likely to reciprocate the goodwill. With the range of deals available such as the 241 Hotel Club (which gives members 2 nights for the price of 1), a hotel staff/ consumer incentive can be presented as a lifeline at this hectic time of year. Here are few ideas of Christmas tasks that can be made fun by turning them into a short break through a hotel club:


Buying gifts for every friend and family member can be a daunting task but is a great opportunity to visit a new city. The range of different shops will keep anyone interested and could even inspire some presents that loved ones will be pleasantly surprised with. The evenings can be spent relaxing and having fun so the whole experience feels like a treat rather than a chore.

Visiting loved ones

This can be the most stressful element of Christmas – being trapped in a house with every member of family and possibly in-laws too, it’s just not natural. Situations like this across the country are responsible for many a Christmas time bust-up. So how can people avoid this awkward situation? Stay in a hotel! Just because people spend all day together they don’t have to spend all eve/ night together as well. Holiday Inn is currently running a promotion – offering a 25% discount to put the in-laws up this Christmas. We’re sure that the 241 Hotel club is going to give many members’ families 2 nights for the price of 1 this Christmas and make the festivities run a lot more smoothly.


Going on a cooking course ensures making a delicious meal is made enjoyable again. It can help to inspire cooks and make them excited about putting the Christmas dinner together by trying out all new skills that have been learnt. Family members will appreciate the tasty change. Using a hotel club for this kind of break can make a really unique but practical get-away and fantastic opportunity for some quality you-time whilst on the course.

Keeping everyone entertained

The Christmas break is often a long one particularly if there are kids that need to be kept entertained. There are only so many hours the toys will keep everyone occupied before there’s a need to break free from the same 4 walls. Theatre breaks are great and there are so many fantastically magical shows on at this time of year from funny pantomimes to spectacular West End shows. There is sure to be something for anyone’s interests and won’t break the bank, particularly when they get 2 nights for the price of 1.

There are so many interesting and beautiful places to stay in the UK and Ireland so people don’t have to go far for a holiday that can make them feel better, whatever they’re into.

Anyone interested in purchasing a reward such as the 241 Hotel Club as a staff or consumer incentive or partnership marketing reward please Contact Us. The club enables members to enjoy 2 nights for the price of 1 at over 300 hotels throughout the UK and Ireland, so is a great staff or consumer incentive for anyone.

What are the rewards of consumer sales promotions for businesses?

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

It is clear what the benefits of sales promotions are for consumers – and they know it. Demand for rewards and consumer incentives have grown immeasurably in the last year and it’s now what consumers expect wherever they shop. On the surface it would appear that this is a one-sided relationship in which consumers are holding businesses over a barrel. Sales promotion shouldn’t and mostly isn’t something that businesses are forced to resort to. Managed properly and thought out thoroughly, sales promotion can be mutually beneficial – particularly in the current economic climate. So what are the benefits of consumer sales promotions for businesses?

Consumer retention

In the long-term a loyal customer is worth far more to a business than an occasional high purchaser. When a customer is recognised as loyal the emotional involvement with the brand is increased. Showing recognition by offering consumer incentives for loyalty stands to solidify the idea of staying loyal to the brand. Loyalty can be rewarded in a number of ways from offering a coupon at the checkout to points collection cards.

Create positive brand associations

Working together with another brand creates a sense of corporate validation and helps your brand to tap into new loyal customer bases. Whatever you trade in there are sure to be a synergistic brands for you to work with, for example hotels and theatres or gyms and sports clothing retailers. It can also work well for pushing you brand’s image in a new direction by moving away from the logical partnerships, for example if you want to raise your green credentials how about teaming up with environmental brands such as The National Trust?

Increase brand recognition

Brand recognition is essential for enticing customers to buy your product/service over another. The authority recognition gives your brand offers consumers confidence in your product/service, as they know what to expect. Increasing brand recognition comes from offering your sales promotion to a wider audience than your regular customer base. A good example of this is featuring a consumer incentive or exclusive discount in a loyalty and membership programme or discount club. These programmes are usually a free marketing option, managed by an external agency that have an large existing customer base.

Reach new consumers

Sales promotion can be one of the most effective ways to catch new customers’ eye.  The best ways to offer a discount or consumer incentive is through a loyalty and membership programmes/ discount club or a chance to win a grand prize. By doing this you are giving consumers a reason to stray away from the brands they are usually loyal to. Competitions are an instant way to catch people’s attention but loyalty and membership programmes or discount clubs go out to an established customer base and can sustain a lasting message.

These rewards are useful to any business and however you want to represent your brand there is a sales promotion answer for your business, that can be effectively integrated to compliment any marketing plan.

Contact us if you would like to discuss how one of our loyalty and membership programmes/ discount clubs or consumer incentive and rewards can benefit your brand.

Planning ahead still a safe bet for consumer savings – how understanding this can help customer retention.

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Childhood days of collecting small change for a piggy bank may seem like a long winded approach to financial efficiency, but the lessons of prudent saving, budgeting and most importantly patience – can be key to getting ahead in the current economic climate both for businesses and consumers alike. Hard pressed consumers have become savvy at spotting bargains/ finding ways to save money and it’s important for businesses to be aware of the general change in customer’s spending habits to improve customer retention.

One way consumers are making substantial savings is by spending a little time calculating income against regular outgoings and developing a weekly or monthly budget. Looking at figures isn’t fun, and whilst this may in fact sound too simple to be of use, once aware of both how much they are spending and primarily where they’re spending it, ways of reducing this spend become much clearer. The key to customer retention for businesses is to be aware of the intended target market – knowing how they approach saving and subsequently positioning your brand as an essential purchase.

Consumers are now shopping around

Businesses operate in a competitive market and in many sectors, like energy for example, for consumers prices can seem frustratingly similar between suppliers. There is however evidence of fierce competition presented through indirect promotions like customer benefits and rewards. Even if consumers don’t take advantage of rewards immediately they retain information for future use. Price comparison sites can help with this process for utility bills and insurance especially, but sometimes this involves them engaging with your brand on the phone – consumers taking ten minutes out to get a quote or two will be receptive to any extra benefits you can communicate to them, making it easier for your company to achieve customer retention. A recent high-profile promotion is Tesco’s BOGOL (buy one get one later), designed to improve customer retention instead of just moving volume of stock.

Considering before buying

Bigger purchases like cars, furniture, computers, mp3 players, etc. can all set consumers back substantial amounts of their hard earned income. Before they buy, they can check to see if there is any scope for negotiation on price, or if the supplier would throw anything else in! More importantly though, consumers now usually ensure that they’re buying the right item beforehand. It’s too easy to regret an impulse purchase just a few months later, or to get a gift wrong for a loved one on Christmas eve. At the end of the day, if times are tough consumers should always ask, “Do I really need this?” A good technique people are using is waiting a day for every £100 in the price (or £10 for smaller purchases) – if still happy by the end of this period then they’ll at least have had a chance to think it through thoroughly and check out the competition. In this instance if you can’t  sell to them straight away, it’s about making the effort and giving them a reason to return (competitive price, the best service, any optional extras you’ll throw in just for them) – nurturing their needs and respecting a requirement for space plus reassurances.

Ordering pre-purchase vouchers

High street stores and big name brands like Debenhams, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, PC World and B&Q often either provide their own form of pre-purchase voucher, or are part of a wider voucher like Love2shop or SayShoppingPass. Through membership to a loyalty and membership programme or discount club such as The Big Savings Club or The Home & Garden Club for example, consumers are able to take advantage of savings of up to 7% on many of these vouchers. With Christmas on its way consumers will be spending more over the next few months on both everyday expenditure like energy, right through to gifts for friends and family and luxuries like good food and drink. So is this something your business can take part in? One of the easiest ways to achieve customer retention from vouchers or discounts is through a loyalty and membership programme or discount club. The operators of the loyalty and membership programme or discount club such as The Rocket Marketing Group, manage the club and can design bespoke vouchers featuring your discount to feature in print and online. This marketing service is usually free, all your brand has to do is offer members of the loyalty and membership programmes an exclusive discount.

Not yet made the most of customer retention by offering consumers an exclusive discount through a loyalty and membership programme or discount club? Contact Us today.

How will consumer incentives for discount hunters change the way people do their Christmas & New Year shopping?

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Whether we like it or not Christmas is on the horizon. You can’t ignore the first signs of the festive seasons creeping into our shops – surely we have Halloween and Bonfire Night to exploit before we even want a glimpse of the likes of chocolate advent calendars and twinkling lights in every colour? No such luck for retailers who are in desperate need of a sales boost and are still pulling out all the stops with consumer incentives, improved offers in loyalty and membership programmes and many other recession solutions.

Last year sales were low due to the bleakest era of the credit crunch but this year there are reports that the recession is or could soon be over. House prices have risen to the level they were last year and people are starting to feel more confident about an economic recovery. What does this mean for the high street? Will there be a retraction of the sales and consumer incentives in the run up to Xmas if retailers feel there is no need for recession solutions anymore? If so, what will be left for the January sales?

In Nationwide’s latest Consumer Confidence Index it is clear that consumer confidence is growing, Mark Saddleton, Head of Economic & Market Analysis said: “September saw a much stronger increase in overall confidence compared with recent months and the index is now at its highest level since April 2008. Expectations for the future economic situation are also buoyant, with pessimism about the labour market situation starting to decrease.”

These statistics teamed with the fact that traditionally people spend more at Christmas could be seen to be a positive indicator of people reverting back to traditional spending habits. This could also mean sales figures dive again in the New Year as people have spent money and become cautious again when short of money. It’s a case of time will tell and nothing is certain at the moment.

The road to change is usually a slow one though, as people will remain cautious well into recovery, so to pull back discounts, consumer incentives and recession solutions could be a brave mistake for companies to make. The spending habits are still rooted in bargain hunting and whilst consumer confidence is returning, retailers still need to do all they can to encourage customers to spend money with their brand. Whether they choose to offer discounts in-store or through an exclusive loyalty and membership programme it’s still what consumers expect.

Contact Us if you are interested in creating recession solutions that feature consumer incentives for your brand through loyalty and membership programmes.

Make promotional marketing work for your brand

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Promotional marketing is a great way to reach your customers and engage with their purchasing experience by giving them more of what they want – encouraging customer retention and/or increase customer spending. There are a number of agencies that specialise in developing promotional marketing strategies and those that offer high quality sales promotion/ affinity marketing solutions. We’ve identified some of the key elements that make a successful campaign and promote customer retention so that you can see how sales promotion or affinity marketing can work for your business.

Create a powerful headline

Leading with a powerful, well targeted offer will hook the consumer in instantly. Stating a percentage or monetary value of the discount such as 50% off, save £10 or 2 for 1 hotel breaks can be the most effective communication of a saving. There’s no need to complicate the message, keep it short and basic to avoid confusion – if you have a strong enough offer it will talk for itself. It’s as simple as that!

Get it out there

There are increasingly more and more ways to communicate and distribute your consumer incentive and the more widely it is seen, the more successful it can perform. Advertising your consumer incentive doesn’t have to cost you as much as you might think and in most cases there’s a free marketing option. The internet is a good platform for reaching millions of new people but can be hard to control and can be subject to over-redemption. Online distribution methods include viral campaigns, voucher sites, social media – all of which are free marketing solutions. But remember mass-marketed campaigns can lead to brand devaluation! Keeping control of promotion distribution is now as essential as getting it out there at all.

You can also offer your consumer incentive to your existing customers at point of sale which gives you greater control of distribution numbers. Another option is to offer your consumer incentive to customers through a loyalty and membership programme or discount club, this way you are keeping it to a closed group which responds positively to discounts and could easily lead to a mutually loyal relationship.


When all of the hard work is done there are some checks that sound simple but that can make or break a promotional marketing campaign. First of all make sure your discount works – ensure the promo code or voucher code is active online, over the phone, in-store or by whatever redemption method you have chosen. Try not to tie you customers up in knots over the terms and conditions. Any overcomplicated, or unreadable small print will put people off – remember the purpose of the exercise is customer retention, so be friendly not intimidating.

Get some advice

Promotional marketing or sales promotion/ affinity marketing can seem daunting to set up but there are plenty of agencies out there that can help and it can still be a free marketing option when managed externally. All an external agency will ask for is an exclusive discount for the members of its loyalty and membership programme or discount club. By using an external agency such as The Rocket Marketing Group every aspect of your promotional marketing campaign will be managed from promotion to handling loyalty and membership programmes or discount club members.

Contact Us if you are interested in free marketing solutions that encourage customer retention through consumer incentives. We can discuss how loyalty and membership programmes or discount clubs can promote your brand through sales promotion/ affinity marketing.